Welcome to Advok8

The premiere professional coaching service focused on our student:clients achieving a healthy and successful collegiate outcome. We believe that the college experience does not provide adequately for the student’s time management needs. The reason for this is that time management, project management and coaching are not scale-able when a university is dealing with 1,000s of students. Because of this, the totality of the student experience, including coursework, activities, homework, social life, sports and a wide range of other time demands, can be overwhelming at best. Advok8 provides a 6-point service that is focused on our student:client’s success.

Our service is unique in five ways:

  1. At the core of our service is an Advok8 trained and certified individual providing one to one coaching.
  2. The process and services are web based, allowing the student, the coach and any partners to work any where, at any time, on any thing.
  3. The Advok8 process is centered on a holistic look at the student’s college goals and providing first class project management based upon expertise from the technology and corporate world.
  4. Advok8 originated out of experiences that parents and students had, and the problems they found hard to solve. College is now roughly a $120,000 investment coupled with $33,000 average student loans.  The worst outcome is not achieving a degree.
  5. Advok8 Partners provide services that span all of the areas that a student might need, from tutors to attorneys to medical professionals.